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Water treatment agent composition

2016-05-05 21:37:59

        The effectiveness of water treatment agent determines the cleaning of central air conditioning, so the research and preparation of water treatment agent has been the focus of attention. There are many kinds of water treatment agents in the market, which can be classified according to their function, including corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, cleaning agent, passivation agent, and pre membrane agent. With innovative technologies, the chemical properties of water treatment agents are also constantly updated and improved, the original water treatment agent is mainly inorganic salts, after several commonly used high polymer to replace, until today. Early water treatment agent is relatively simple, mainly to corrosion inhibitor, the majority of chromium and phosphate as the main ingredients, not only the removal and sterilization effect is poor, but also caused by environmental pollution. With the change of water treatment agent, water treatment method has been improved. Most of the initial water treatment methods for water treatment, the main purpose is to slow down the corrosion.


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