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Note on the use of sterilization in summer

2016-05-11 21:10:08

        The weather is getting hotter and hotter, summer is the peak season for the production and sale of water treatment agents, but also the accident prone season, because the bactericidal agent, although slightly toxic, but also has a certain corrosive. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of the non oxidizing sterilization agent is more strong, and the hands and feet of the front-line workers often burn and bubble.

        For the front-line workers reflect, the Le state leadership attaches great importance, arrange the following initiatives: 1, sterilization and bath agent production areas and stacking area must wear safety helmets, clothing, chemical protective clothing logo, and indicate the corrosion danger sign. 2, the sterilization of the bath agent to be stacked in an orderly manner, not random placed, reverse order, but can not reverse the product. 3, sterilization and bath agent series products to strictly control the packaging cover to disposable sealing lock cover, to ensure that the product does not spill. The workers agreed to the move, in addition to front-line workers and allotted new clothing to protect its own security. Music Bangjing water of sterilization bath agent every summer, need from other production line personnel seconded to help sterilization bath agent production line production tasks, production task becomes larger, the demand for plastic packaging barrel also increases.
        As a sterilization and algae killing agent, the general dosage is 50-100mg/L, and the amount of 200-300mg/L is used as the adhesive sludge stripping agent, and the amount of organic silicon type anti foaming agent can be added when required. This product can be made with other fungicides, such as with the use of isothiazolone, glutaraldehyde, disulfide cyano methane, can play a synergistic effect, but not with chlorophenols pharmacy common use. Adding the product after separation by circulating water and dirt, should be filtered or remove, lest the bubble disappeared after deposition


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