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Knowledge about fungicides

2016-05-14 20:56:39

The imbalance between the price of fungicides

Some time ago mentioned "when science" lost "to the feeling", so for this perspective, science can be understood as the technology, the feeling can be understood as the price (subject to subjective judgment factors). Personally think that the right point of view is that technology should be the upper hand. The procurement of circulating cooling water system sterilization agent technology clearance, the product effect is not poor, the results before and after the use of a significant difference. So, your purchase price cost is worth it, and not because of wasted due to your loss!

Whether it is to buy clothes or mobile phones, the same product also has a number of grades, not to mention different manufacturers. Know what is the main purpose of their choice of circulating water system, the main purpose is to solve the problem, no longer subject to microorganisms, pollutants, and reduce the effectiveness of the equipment to hinder the problem! Therefore, the procurement of circulating cooling water system sterilization agent should be a heavy technology, rather than the price of the fungicide has been caught, resulting in an imbalance between sterilization agent technology and the price of fungicides!

Sterilization agent note operation than the effect

Circulating cooling water system water treatment agent in the use of water treatment agent in the use of methods, operating procedures, need to be based on a more standardized standards. Even if the use of non-standard (do not recommend the adoption of non-standard behavior) the list of considerations, preventive measures, can not be ignored, to the effect that. Like fire, the most basic from the diet attention, not heavy taste, eat spicy food, and you are not to run counter to, abusive behavior, facing the consequences, only by your own bear!

Fungicide (slime stripping agent) on the skin irritation, when used to wear rubber gloves and goggles. When the product is in contact with the skin, eye, need to use a lot of water rinse immediately, if more serious, the need for immediate medical treatment. Bactericidal agent on the skin without obvious stimulation, contact with the skin, only need to rinse with water can be. Whether the irritation of the circulating water to the skin is obvious, it is required to pay attention to the use of circulating water sterilization agent, preventive measures.


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