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Fine chemical industry waste water treatment pressure, the "zero emissions" there is a demand, but the traditional processing technology costs are hig

2016-05-17 21:35:51

        Engaged in chemical wastewater treatment for 15 years, chemical companies and more than 2000, Jiangsu Lanxing chemical environmental protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Blue Star Chemical environmental protection") general manager Jiang Weiqun has been compared to understand the enterprise's attitude: "before there is indeed do not attach importance to, or technology does not pass the, steal row or excessive emissions; but now on the one hand, the environmental pressure is more and more, on the other hand a lot of people still hope to continue to develop their own businesses, really want to control more and more enterprises, but the existence of technical and cost problems."

        "Chemical fine chemical industry wastewater is very complex and changeable, toxic and harmful substances kinds, high concentration." According to him, before the chemical industry is to take a comprehensive approach to deal with. "In fact, it is a mixture of treatment. With a large amount of water to dilute the waste water, so that the concentration of COD decreased to 500 mg / L, basically do not have the biological toxicity after discharged into the sewage treatment plant."
But this reporter has learned that such a traditional way of processing in recent years has not been much space. Textile printing and dyeing, chemical content of the larger industries, national level has by industry emission standards for enterprises with water to make restrictions; and some areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the pilot implementation of the heavy pollution and the drainage of large sewage card, concentration and total amount of emissions are required; and in the arid areas in Northwest China is does not have the dilution and discharge conditions.
        Chemical business representatives told reporters that, at present China's large-scale energy and chemical companies distributed in the area of water, facing the contradiction between two aspects: is the shortage of water resources, but by a large amount of water; the second is wastewater treatment is difficult, but the emissions environmental capacity. These have become the main constraints of the development of the industry. "Enterprises and governments at all levels of management for the increasingly severe environmental protection pressure on the 'zero discharge' requirements of the increasingly urgent."
But it's not easy. Prior practice shows that most of the so-called "zero emissions", basically did not break away from the traditional "membrane method of concentration + simple evaporation" mode, the system running stability is poor, the cost is high. And more importantly, the above zero discharge process has serious sequelae". For high concentration and high salinity wastewater, rely on evaporation and concentration, and finally the formation of the salt belongs to the hazardous waste, the need for professional disposal." Jiang Weiqun bluntly: This is just the water pollution into pollution.
        "With the increasing intensity of the country's environmental protection supervision, hazardous waste disposal is a burden on the cost of chemical enterprises unbearable." A chemical group responsible person said frankly, if the wastewater is then mixed salt extracts are according to the dangerous waste disposal, first, whether in the present hazardous waste generally emergency disposal ability whether professional institutions can receive all, only the disposal expenses one year amounted to ten thousand yuan.


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