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Things you don't know in water treatment.

2016-05-20 22:44:36

        In water treatment, it is very important to deal with the cooling water cycle. In the industrial circulating cooling water, the reproduction of microorganisms harm is to promote or accelerate the corrosion of metal equipment and pipeline, resulting in slime deposition in equipment to equipment corrosion, to the industrial production bring great security risks and economic losses.

        First, the common fungicide classification
        1 oxidizing sterilization and algae killing agent
        Chlorine, chlorine, bleaching powder, chlorine dioxide, two chlorine or three chlorine acid and its sodium salt.
        Br: halogenated hydantoin, Hypobromites, bromine chloride etc..
        and peroxide.
        2 non oxidizing sterilization and algae killing agent
        Season ammonium salt, quaternary phosphonium salts, isothiazolone, slime stripping agent, organic aldehydes and other kinds of non oxidative bactericide algicide.
        Two, the development trend of sterilization and algae killing agent
        The diversity of microbial species in the chilled water system determines the diversity of the species. Development of a broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, high cost, and environmentally friendly cooling water special bactericidal algae killing agent, is the inevitable trend of development. Due to the limit of chlorine is a greater development space for bromine compounds, environmentally friendly, efficient, low toxic and non oxidative sterilization of algae is also more and more attention and welcome to the market. In order to adapt to the development of water treatment technology, it will be a good development direction to develop the synergy of chlorine and bromine with bromine. On the basis of the existing fungicides, the development has the synergistic effect of complex products, play to maximize the potential of existing varieties, development according to the characteristics of bactericidal algicide, a more effective agent, will become future sterilization algicide and development direction.


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