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Heavy oil fouling cleaning is difficult to solve.

2016-05-31 23:00:58

        A, carbon cleaning agent is really useful?

        True and false question, not to say that the original book and pirated book product itself is the problem, but for the use of true and false, "true" effective? Is it really useful? "Really" can solve the problem?
        Qianzhaihaiqian perfectly justified, so myself sick sense is to take medicine and drugs play only solve you the problem is ill, and cannot guarantee long-term has not sick! Unless, of course, you increase your exercise and improve your immune system!
        For cleaning oil, I think the carbon deposit cleaning agent effective. The main reason is that the: product performance: the product carbon cleaning agent by high activity, rapid penetration of solvent and specially selected detergent and corrosion and preparation for multi group composition; (2) the professional strong: mainly used for on-line cleaning air compressor, heat conduction oil combustion product deposits equipment components, applicable to various types of oil carbon deposit cleaning. Safe and reliable: non flammable and explosive goods, and not because of the use of a product for the use of carbon cleaning agents to cause damage to the body;
        In the same way, the use of carbon deposition cleaning agent to ensure that in a certain period of time (such as three months, six months, one year) will not allow your equipment to reproduce this fault, to solve the problem you are facing is the key! In addition, in order to avoid the frequent occurrence of equipment failure, the need for regular cleaning, maintenance, in order to ensure long-term operation of the equipment is good!
        As the carbon cleaning agent manufacturers, second questions to help you solve the problem is the selection of:
        Two, how to choose to purchase carbon cleaning agent selection?
        Although the procurement for the majority of customers is familiar can't familiar part of the work, but how to choose products, carbon deposit cleaning agent procurement really are familiar with it?
        Products, popular speaking is for you need water treatment agent, learned from the different channels of information, comprehensive comparative analysis and the implementation of the workflow.
        A selection, choose the direction, two is the quality, three chose the service.
        What disease to eat what medicine, choose chemical environmental protection water treatment agent product is the same, you need to identify the direction, the choice should be targeted! Carbon cleaning and cleaning agent is the same as: air conditioner cleaning agent, the need to use the central air conditioning cleaning agent, are the same reason!
        Quality, product quality, direct impact on the use of products, so you have to take back to the most you worry about the most carbon deposition cleaning agent useful / easy to use it?" On this issue! Simple understanding, quality is the guarantee!
        Service, whether it is technical and after-sales service, efficient work efficiency and ability to solve the problem quickly, is key to your selected products! And this one, the key factors of influence, presumably you will know!


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