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Air conditioning condenser how to clean?

2016-06-03 21:49:10

        With the improvement of the quality of life of residents, central air conditioning air conditioning in the "new nobility" also from the large shopping malls, villas and other places entered the homes of ordinary people, but the central air conditioning also need to cleaning and maintenance in order to play the best effect on a regular basis, especially in the long term is not used. So in the hot weather after, it is best to a comprehensive cleaning disinfection work of central air conditioning, following Wuxi Miller Xiaobian is for everyone to talk about the air conditioning condenser cleaning method, you a cleaner healthy air conditioning environment.
        Refrigerant has a characteristic, when the volume and pressure to a certain time, it will become a liquid. Refrigerant compressor is transported to the condenser, the role of the condenser is the high temperature and pressure of the gas into a high temperature and high pressure liquid. This is the process of condensation, but also a heat dissipation process. A condenser is a device that will keep the refrigerant from gas to liquid. In this process, the condenser will continue to heat, so the surface of the condenser is very hot.
        Condenser of water quality problems due to, through the heat exchange heating operation, scale forming and oxygen corrosion products, caused by dirt in the system plug, leading to poor water, a long time without cleaning will cause the condenser heat transfer effect is reduced, affect the use and need to regular cleaning, cleaning after the meaning of are as follows:
        1, save energy, reduce operating costs
        In the central air conditioning evaporator and condenser heat transfer process, dirt directly affects the normal operation of the heat transfer efficiency and equipment, central air conditioning units running results show that without cleaning of central air conditioning host system run for a period of time after use electricity or fuel consumption will increase by 10-30% reduce the service life, reduce equipment depreciation use fee.
        2, reduce downtime, improve the cooling effect
        The cleaning condenser can remove the sludge, make the pipeline flow smoothly, improve the heat efficiency of the condenser and the evaporator, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of high pressure running over pressure shutdown, improving the cooling effect and making the system safe and efficient.
        Cleaning procedure of air conditioner condenser
        1, respectively, close the condenser water inlet and outlet valve
        2, the system will emit a small amount of water;
        3, in the condenser inlet and outlet pipes were set up temporary circulation system (can remove the sewage valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, etc., with the hose and tank pump connection);
        4, the safe and efficient detergent dissolution, pump from the water inlet of the lowest injection, to return from the water outlet, cyclic immersion 3-5 hours or so. At the same time, we test effect of the water in the tank, until the tank is no reaction, and scale are clean now.
        5, discharge of sewage, rinse with water;
        6, open the condenser end cap, with a brush in each root of condenser copper tube inner wall of the back and forth i-sa will clean up the sludge scale for each root of condenser copper tube inner wall; with high pressure water gun will clean up the sludge scale for each root of condenser copper tube inner wall and asked to reveal the copper metal surface, bright and free from corrosion;
        7, rinse with water, discharge of sewage;
        8, the condenser end cap back to the recovery system;
        9, add water to join the pre membrane agent cycle 10-20 minutes, soak for about 24 hours, the sewage can be made to clean the inner wall of the condenser copper pipe pre made a layer of protective film, to prevent the role of oxygen corrosion and slow scaling.
        10, restore the system everywhere, try to pressure all normal can.


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