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Water treatment agent in the sterilization algicide

2016-10-12 02:28:47

        Industrial circulating cooling water in the course of running a large number of microorganisms and other fungi, if not treated in time, a large number of microorganisms and their bodies can be suspended in the circulating water and other impurities intertwined together to form a viscous viscous material, which The substance can be attached to the inner wall of the pipe, slippery and greasy, is a bad conductor of heat, thermal conductivity is very poor, compared to stainless steel is still less than 1% of its thermal conductivity, resulting in heat transfer effect Significantly decreased, greatly increasing the production load, while increasing the cost of production, making the unit energy consumption continues to increase.
        Therefore, the removal of circulating water microorganisms and other impurities is necessary, for that expensive medium-sized equipment, the addition of related sterilization water treatment agent (such as: 1227 fungicide) is the most effective and most direct and most economical method.
        The following Xiaobian to talk about a number of circulating fungi for efficient fungicides, water treatment agent
        One: 1227 type fungicide
        Speaking of the 1227 fungicide, it can not be said that the effect is significant, it can be said is one of the best fungicide. Said the fungicide for the emperor is not an exaggeration. This is why? 1227 Fungicides are non-oxidative fungicides, colorless non-toxic, the water itself is small, for microbes and other fungi with high efficiency, broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, the effect is very significant. In the application of sterilization at the same time also has the role of slime stripping agent for slime peel, penetration dispersion effect is very good, this is not its full effect, in addition, also has degreasing, deodorant and corrosion inhibition effect. Therefore, chemical, textile, power and other circulating water is widely used to control the breeding of algae in circulating water microorganisms, for the sulfate-reducing bacteria have a strong role in the killing.
        Second, isothiazolinone fungicide
        Isothiazolinone sterilization effect is fundamental, can fundamentally block microbial cell differentiation and reproduction, that is, to sterilization, with high efficiency, broad-spectrum, low toxicity, non-oxidizing and so on. Is currently widely used fungicide one, mainly for paper, textile, pesticides, leather, ink and other industries. If the increased dose has a significant effect on the slime peeling agent.
        Third, the chlorine dioxide solution ClO2
        Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidant, non-carcinogenic, non-teratogenic, no mutation. Chlorine dioxide compared with chlorine has the following advantages: not only can kill the general micro-organisms, but also has the role of fungal spores, killing the virus; not with ammonia, phenols and unsaturated compounds; PH change on the sterilization effect is very small, so Especially for circulating water for the fertilizer plant as a biocide; can completely replace the chlorine and non-oxidizing biocides, so very economical.
        Fourth, excellent net chlorine fungicide
        Excellent chlorine soluble in water, with high efficiency, fast, broad-spectrum, security and other characteristics, have a strong killing effect, at 20ppm, the sterilization rate of 99%.


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