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Development Trend of Green Environment - friendly Water Treatment

2016-11-08 22:09:17

     In order to meet the needs of different wastewater systems (such as papermaking wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, food processing wastewater, etc.), specificity, for a particular type of chemical species research and development is imperative. Water treatment chemicals is an important aspect of new water treatment chemicals. The emergence of such new water treatment technologies will open up the production and application scope of water treatment chemicals, which will greatly promote the development of industrial water treatment by chemical method.
      Water treatment agents can improve corrosion inhibition efficiency, expand the use of corrosion inhibitors, so that it applies to more demanding more extensive environment, and reduce pharmaceutical costs. This is an important part of the theoretical research on corrosion inhibitors of water treatment chemicals. The standard of water treatment agent refers to the key factors such as the interaction between corrosion inhibitor molecules, the interaction between inhibitor molecule and interface, and the geometrical position of the molecule at the molecular level due to the interaction of different corrosion inhibitor molecular characteristic groups on the metal surface Changes, so that the adsorption layer is more dense, increase and enhance the protective properties of corrosion resistance.
       To establish a molecular model of water treatment agents with synergistic effects, we need to consider the effect of interfacial agents on interface atoms and the force of interfaces at different atomic centers. It is difficult to introduce more quantum parameters and calculations. The research work is of great theoretical and practical value, especially for the future water treatment corrosion inhibitors affect the metal surface chemical and electrochemical processes and the design of specific molecules of water treatment agents has a decisive role, it is an important basic theoretical research and Application of basic research is the future of water treatment mechanism of important research direction.
       The current high-performance new water treatment chemicals generally high prices, through the search for cheap raw materials to develop high-performance products, but also by strengthening the complex technology research, that is, add cheap auxiliaries to reduce the actual dosage of pharmaceutical , While maintaining water purification efficiency and reduce the cost of the purpose.


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