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Power plant circulating water in the application of pharmaceutical agents which are the technical methods?

2016-11-16 21:12:14

        Power plant recycling water treatment chemicals in the application process mainly in the following categories:
Fungicides: in the unit operation to add oxidized fungicide. Oxidative fungicides as conventional fungicides, the oxidizing agent of the equipment will cause corrosion of facilities, so to control the amount of available chlorine is controlled at about 1 mg / L is safe, and need to control the sterilization time. Non-oxidizing fungicides should also be added during the operation of the unit, generally in the spring, summer and autumn, quarterly or quarterly impact dosing,
        2. Compound
Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor: Before the operation of the unit, the dosage of the water is added to the industrial circulating water once, the commonly used pharmaceutical agent is completed, the concentration of the medicine is controlled at 10mg / L, the operation of the unit is added: 1: 3 , Diluted with water, with a metering pump pump mixed into the mixing device, and then into the circulation pool. Control the concentration of organic phosphine in circulating water greater than or equal to 1.5 mg / L, regularly carry out sewage on the circulating water. Depending on the concentration of copper ions in water, add appropriate amount of water-soluble copper corrosion inhibitor to be controlled.
        3. PAC: Before use to do the settlement than the test, to obtain the basic data, according to the experimental dose added. Dosage in the range of 30 ~ 120mg / L, running as the filtrate water quality increase or decrease the amount of reagent. Dilute the solution in 1: 5 dilution with water (1: 15 dilution of the solid agent) and pump the solution into the coagulation tower using a metering pump. Active silt can be added in winter to increase sedimentation.
        4. Poly-ferric sulfate: poly-ferric sulfate used in power plants can handle different sewage. This kind of power plant
water treatment agent has the technical superiority and the economic superiority in the water treatment, can solve the other pharmaceutical treatment water quality when the medicine quantity big dehydration is more difficult and so on the question, thus largely reduced the enterprise production cost and the running expense. Especially for the electroplating wastewater treatment reuse is the most cost-effective, applicability of water treatment flocculant.


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