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Talking about the performance requirements of reverse osmosis membrane

2016-11-24 00:38:15

In order to meet the needs of water treatment applications, reverse osmosis membrane must have the reliability of the application and the economies of scale, the general requirements are:
(1) the permeability of water should be large, high desalination rate.
(2) has a certain degree of strength and firmness, and will not be due to the impact of water pressure and tension deformation, rupture. The membrane is compacted as little as possible, water flux attenuation is small, to ensure a stable water production.
(3) the structure should be uniform, can be made into the required structure.
(4) to adapt to greater pressure, temperature and water quality changes.
(5) has a good temperature, Naisuan Jian, resistance to oxidation, hydrolysis and resistance to biological pollution.
(6) long service life.
(7) low cost.
Based on the above requirements, membrane users in the election of the film or before using the film, should understand and master the physical, chemical stability and membrane separation characteristics of indicators.


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