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Corrosion and scale inhibitor due to its simple and practical features to get a lot of people of all ages, and its development has gone from inorganic to organic, from high-phosphorus, phosphorus to phosphate-free development process, then the future of Corrosion Inhibitor the development will go from here? We went to see it. Due to the strategic requirements of sustainable social development, corrosion and scale inhibitors, green is undoubtedly the center of its strategy for future development, but for now we can truly be called a green corrosion inhibitor products are also very small. However, in recent years, as we strengthen environmental awareness, research and development has a good biodegradability, high efficiency, versatility and phosphate-free, non-toxic green corrosion inhibitor as well as its production of raw materials and production process of greening the task is also necessary to mention the trip. Aiming at the actual situation, to polyfunctional organic phosphorus-based agent, complex water treatment agent corrosion and scale can be achieved very good results, but its cost is relatively low, It is important also relatively low toxicity, and does not violate relevant national environmental laws and regulations.
Circulating water treatment agent is a chemical industrial water, domestic water and waste water and other equipment necessary for the process by which chemicals can make the water reaches a certain quality requirements. It can inhibit scale of production, pipeline corrosion prevention devices. To extend the life of equipment, reduce energy consumption. Circulating water treatment process, the case should be used most of the inhibitor. The operation of the circulating water can produce scale and dirt, but also directly or indirectly on the metal equipment, pipeline corrosion, the heat exchanger will reduce the effect of heat transfer, clogging pipes and equipment, thus shortening the life of the equipment, but also additional increased maintenance costs, affecting production. The circulating water treatment agent, can effectively prevent fouling of the equipment, to avoid scale build impede heat transfer, increasing energy consumption, lower production loads. Circulating water system, mainly oxygen-based chemical or electrochemical corrosion, corrosion will not only lead the life of this reduction will result in damage to the equipment cooling system, but also due to corrosion caused by water coolers perforation, and even lead to unexpected accident. Circulating water treatment agent may enhance corrosion extend equipment service life.
Biocide water treatment agent is one of the more commonly used drug, its performance is superior, the application range is quite wide, following its application in water treatment, do not understand it with my friends together to understand about it: Industrial water treatment agent, career water, wastewater treatment chemicals required in the process, through the use of these chemicals, the water can reach the necessary quality requirements. Its primary effect is to control scale and sludge composition, cut foam, reduce erosion and water contact information, remove suspended solids in water and toxic substances, deodorant bleaching, softening water quality. The current water consumption dramatically because the world nations to add, also various environmental statutes (water purification method) one after another to develop and require increasingly stringent, so on all types of efficient water treatment agent to enhance quickly. Water treatment agents including flocculants, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, lax, cleaning agents, pre-film, defoamers, bleaching agents, chelating agents, oxygen scavenging agents and ion exchange resins. Will flocculants and biocides for this article systematically introduced. One of the most commonly usedwater treatment chemicals include: scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, biocide (fungicide treatment), cleaning agents, slime stripping agent, flocculants, coagulants, water treatment chemicals dispersant hexametaphosphate is also a water treatment. Biocide in water treatment systems or more, and the quality of the biocide is very important in terms of an indicator, so be sure to pay attention to every aspect of production, even the transport and storage can not be ignored!
Water is the source of life, the production should be, ecological groups. The beautiful land of southern Guangdong, hundreds of rivers criss-cross, like a mother's milk to nourish us. But there are reasons why some areas are also facing serious water pollution, to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization posed a severe test. These years, Guangdong has some unique experience to explore on cross-border governance in Tamsui, Shima River, Guangdong transboundary water management experience has been refined into the national program, worthy of promotion. To stimulate the whole society to flood the responsibility for the "Guangdong eight water cleaner" lay a solid foundation, the Nanfang Daily recently launched the "cross-border flood AB face" a large series of reports. Politburo meeting has approved the "ecological civilization master plan", which is the top-level design of ecological civilization reform, played the strongest voice of ecological protection. In April, the State Council officially issued "Water Pollution Prevention Plan of Action", ten 35 concrete measures, government, business, public clenched into a fist, to declare war on water pollution. Vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, To improve the water quality of the environment as the core, according to "water-saving priority, spatial equilibrium, system of governance, handed force" principle, implementation of the "safe, clean, healthy" policy, strengthen the source control, integrated land and water, Hohai balance of rivers and lakes implementation of sub basins, sub-regional, phased scientific management system to promote water pollution control, water conservation and water management. To this end, the overall goal Guangdong water clearer plan of action and that is: new progress one year, three new breakthroughs, eight water clearer. At present, the situation is not optimistic the national water environment. Water treatment chemicals played a crucial role in terms of surface water on the whole, by the high proportion of bad V category water bodies polluted, contaminated some of the embankments of some canals flowing river towns, urban high in general more serious, and due to organic pollution, black-odor water body more, the number involved in the safety of drinking water is still a lot of environmental emergencies. For Guangdong, the past of the rapid development of the province's many rivers make it difficult to withstand the environmental pressures to bear. Due to the special nature of pollution, transboundary river management is always the key issues constraining the effectiveness of environmental governance. In 2014 the provincial government work report requirements to promote the comprehensive improvement of the Tamsui River transboundary pollution, the provincial People's Congress also is the eighth consecutive year the focus of supervision remediation work. Last August, in Guangdong intensify efforts to "water pollution" declaration of war, lock Guang transboundary rivers, Mau Chau River, river training, Xiaodongjiang "Four Rivers" as the focus of regulation. Transboundary water management involves a wide range more difficult, big investment, slow, painstaking effort required, Kung Fu, long effort. But in reality, "Kowloon flood" dilemma has always existed, the upstream industry to develop, but to drink well water downstream, conflicts of interest are troubled cross-border water management problems. After eight years of cross-border pollution of the Tamsui out a new path Guangdong water pollution control, to achieve a more effective linkage to tackle tough - provincial level to promote co-ordination and inter-regional cooperation gradually deepening division of labor within the region, and Guangdong has become the sample into the national flood program. Pollution causes of transboundary waters more complicated to carry out protection work is facing many practical problems of governance, a place alone can not effectively promote certain sectors monologue, coast around the government's attitude and actions are very crucial. Only genuine multi-party consensus, heart to a thought, an effort to make in order to concentrate manpower, material and financial resources to solve the outstanding contradictions and priorities. For "severe illness", we need to adopt a method of governance watershed pollution control system, of which the key is to establish a basin-wide coordinated governance mechanisms to break administrative barriers for effective cross-border co-treatment of water pollution. Promoting layout reduction, structural reduction, emission reduction projects, management of emissions and other measures, rather than piecemeal, piecemeal, but not passing the buck, transferring pollution. In reality, some cities will follow the development of watershed management combine to promote industrial restructuring by management or watershed development, the release of land space, enhance the value of the land, to achieve a win-win situation with the development of pollution control. "Water Pollution Prevention Plan of Action" should be made to strengthen the management of environmental quality objectives, water quality does not meet the objectives and requirements of the region to develop compliance programs. Many practices Vale and the "water ten" enhanced environmental quality objective management idea is the same strain, the experience of the province and the country have a great promotional value of river management. Water pollution control is a complicated systematic project, need and consider a variety of factors, taking into account the needs and possibilities. Especially for transboundary water management, because of the division of administrative regions involved, but also it raises profound reality proposition. Next, how to consolidate the results of flood control, strengthening the effectiveness of governance, transboundary water management is an unavoidable problem. Water pollution control, no doubt still on the road.
The rapid development of modern industry on the nature and function of industrial materials continue to put forward higher requirements for the field of industrial water treatment agent fungicide has been expanded from textiles, wood, paper, petroleum products, adhesives, coatings, etc. to plastic, , in almost all fields of industrial glass, ceramics and other metals as well as aerospace components are inseparable fungicides. According to statistics, in 2008 the global fungicide market annual turnover of over 60 billion dollars, and the rate of increase of 3.2 percent per year. However, with the fungicides in industrial applications increasingly widespread, especially in continuous use the same fungicide has some history of the region, lack of reasonable experience and professional guidance, industrial fungicide resistance problems intensified the trend has shown. How to overcome or delay the emergence and development of microbial resistance to extend the effective life of fungicides, bactericides all walks of life has become a major problem faced by use. The past 20 years, with isothiazolin derivative fungicide main types of fungicides have been widely used in paints, cooling circulating water, metalworking fluids, cleaning supplies, adhesives, paper pulp, textiles, plastics, and other fields, as the protection of all kinds of industrial materials and products against one of the most effective means of microbiological hazards. But these fungicides are widely used in industrial fields, especially in the use of 20 consecutive years in the same place in the same area for microbial drug resistance provided favorable conditions. Our country isothiazolin derivative fungicides attention late microbial drug resistance mechanisms, and their research is imperative resistance management techniques. This issue introduces the color and Ouyang Yi Chen-sheng and other corruption collect contaminated products from a large number of microbial microbial contamination have 36 mg / L. With the accelerating process of industrialization, urban water use is increasing rapidly, and a serious shortage of water resources, over-exploitation and pollution limits exacerbated an already tense contradiction between water supply and demand become more prominent and sharp. Industrial water accounting for more than 70 percent of the total urban water use, and strengthen the operation and management of industrial cooling water system, is an important measure of industrial water. In industrial circulating water system, due to the constant concentrated by evaporation of water, and a suitable temperature materials leak, causing bacteria, algae and fungi blooms, and biofouling attachment on the heat transfer equipment will seriously affect the heat transfer efficiency, At the same time generating equipment and pipeline corrosion. Currently GM microbial control method is mainly industrial fungicide dosing. At present, industrial fungicides has reached more than 80 species, widely used in oil field water, other areas of petrochemicals, thermoelectric, steel, pharmaceutical and other circulating cooling water. Industrial fungicide can be divided according to sterilization mechanism oxidizing biocides and non-oxidizing biocide into two categories. Oxidizing biocides generally strong oxidant, mainly through bacterial metabolic enzyme oxidation occurs to achieve sterilization purposes. Oxidizing biocides commonly used chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide, bromine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide. Non-oxidizing biocides are agents that acts on specific parts of microorganisms, thereby destroying the cells or microorganisms living body to achieve sterilization effect, there is a common non-oxidizing biocides Chlorophenols, isothiazolin-ketone, quaternary ammonium salts Wait. The following describes several major fungicides: DT-301 Composite Bactericide 1,Properties: It is composed by diverse quaternary ammonium salt and peroxide. It can be ionized to cation active group. Combine tightly with the negative charge on the cell wall of microorganism, destroy the cell’s activity, kills germs and algae. Its effect is better than quaternary ammonium salt. Its taking life ability not only have effect to aerobe but also to anaerobic bacteria. It can soak into loam layer, and have a strong Exfoliation and cleaning action to biological fouling. It can be used under wide PH value, under alkaline condition, it is also effective. 2,Specification: items index Appearance colorless to pale yellow thick liquid Active content,% ≥ 30.0 pH(1% water solution) 6.0-8.0 3,Usage: It can be used as fungi disinfectant in industrial circulating cool water system and Waste Water Treatment etc.alternate with non-oxidizing biocide, dosing 1-2 times per month. Impulse dosing, the concentration should be 100∽150mg/l. Once existed more foams, antifoaming agent should be added . 4,Package and Storage: 25Lor 200L in plastic barrel. Storage for one year. 5,Safety Protection: neuter, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water. Isothiazolinones(CIT/MIT) 【CAS】26172-55-4,2682-20-4 Molecular Formula:C21H38NClMolecular weight:115.16 Structure: 2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone5-chloro- methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone 1,Properties and Usage: Isothiazolinones is composed of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (CMI) and 2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (MI). The bactericidal effect of Isothiazolinones is carried out through breaking the bond between bacteria and algae protein. When contacted with microbes, Isothiazolinones can quickly inhibit their growth, thus leading to death of these microbes. Isothiazolinones has strong inhibition and biocidal effects on ordinary bacteria, fungi and alga, and has many advantages such as high biocidal efficiency, good degradation, no residual, safety in operation, good compatibleness, good stabilization, low cost in operation. Isothiazolinones can mix with chlorine and most cation, anion, and non-ionic surfactants. When used at high dosage, its biosludge stripping effect is excellent. Isothiazolinones is a kind of fungicidal with properties of broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and non-oxidative, it is the ideal biocidal in industrial circulating cool water system and in wastewater treatment in oilfield, papermaking, pesticide, cutting oil, leather, detergent and cosmetics etc.. 2,Specification:Conform toHG/T3657-2008 items index Grade I Grade II Appearance colorless to Light yellow transparent liquid Colorless to Light yellow transparent liquid Active content %≥ 14.0 -15.0 1.5-1.8 pH value(as it) 2.0-4.0 2.0-5.0 Density(20℃)g/cm3 1.26-1.32 1.02-1.05 CMI/MI (wt %) 2.5 - 3.4 2.5-3.4 Notes: 2%, 4% and 8% or any concentration can be supplied on demands. 3,Using method: When used as sludge stripper for grade II, the dosage of 150-300mg/L is preferred, when used as boicide, the dosage of 80-100mg/L is preferred, and charges every 3-7 days. No used together with oxidative fungicidal such as chlorine, and no used in cooling water system containing sulfur. When used together with quaternary amine, the effect will be better. When used as industrial fungicide, the dosage of 0.05-0.4% is preferred. 4,Package and Storage: 25kgin plastic barrel, or confirmed by clients. Storage for ten months in room shady and dry place. 5,Safety Protection: Corrosive, Avoid contact with eye and skin, Wear splash resistant safety goggles and rubber glores .Once contacted , flush with water. DT-302 Composite Bactericide 1,Properties: DT-302 is composed of quaternary ammonium salt and isothiazolinone. DT-302 has the advantages of high efficiency, wide range, low toxicity, quick effect and durable, strong penetration. It can soak into loam layer, and have a strong Exfoliation and cleaning action to biological fouling. It can be used under wide PH value, under alkaline condition, it is also effective. 2,Specification: items index Appearance Yellow greenish liquid pH(1% water solution) 2.0~5.0 Density(20℃)g/cm3≥ 0.90 3,Usage: It can be used as fungi disinfectant in industrial circulating cool water system and Waste Water Treatment etc.Dosing 1-2 times per month. Impulse dosing, the concentration should be 80∽150mg/l. 4,Package and Storage: 25Lor 200L in plastic barrel. Storage for ten month in room shady and dry place. 5,Safety Protection: Acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water. These are chemical production according to Dong Tao fungicide products to introduce to you, we want to purchase help. For more information please call: 0632-3536598
Water with the state environmental requirements increasingly high, past the organic phosphine treatment agent due to higher phosphorus ratio, in practice, finished with a still higher phosphorus ratio, the relevant state departments of water pollution and waste-water treatment non-compliance behavior severely punished, for non-phosphorus water treatment agent to get more and more attention, in POLYASPARTIC, some lower ratio of organic phosphine phosphorus water treatment agent also meet environmental requirements, such as PBTCA, but in the long run, the use of phosphorus-free nitrogen will become the trend of environmentally friendly water treatment agent, water treatment agent of development. Production and supply of water treatment chemicals related enterprises should grasp this trend, increase research investment, to develop more environmentally friendly water treatment agent, solve the increasingly serious water pollution and water use inefficiencies. Adhere to sustainable development, the relevant departments to increase water treatment agent research and production enterprise support, provide more preferential policies and favorable financing conditions. Here are some green water treatment chemicals: HEDP Etidronic acid, chemical products, an organic phosphoric acid-based corrosion inhibitor, with iron, copper, zinc and other metal ions to form stable complexes, can dissolve the metal oxide surface. HEDP is an organic phosphoric acid-based corrosion inhibitor, with iron, copper, zinc and other metal ions to form stable complexes, can dissolve the metal oxide surface. HEDP at 250 ℃ can still play a good role in corrosion and scale, at high pH remains stable, hard to be hydrolyzed, under normal light and heat conditions difficult to break down. Acid and alkali resistance, resistance to chlorine oxidation than other organic acid (salt). HEDP with metal ions in water, especially calcium ions to form six-ring chelates, thus HEDP scale with better effects and obvious dissolution threshold effects when used together with other water treatment agent, exhibit desirable synergies. PAPE is a new kind of water treatment chemicals, has good scale and corrosion inhibition properties. Since the introduction of the multiple molecular polyoxyethylene, not only improves the corrosion performance, but also improve the scale inhibition of calcium scale and sediment dispersion capability. Barium existing domestic water beyond the control of inhibitor, strontium scale deposition has a good inhibition of water, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate deposition of insoluble salts also has a good scale inhibition effect on steel with cathodic protection , corrosion better than the existing domestic similar products. PAPE and polycarboxylates, organic phosphonates, inorganic phosphates, zinc salt water-miscible good stabilizer. PAPE for oilfield acquisition inhibitor, industrial cooling water corrosion inhibitors. PBTCA low phosphorus content, because it has the structural characteristics and carboxylic acid, it has good scale and corrosion inhibition performance, superior to conventional organic phosphate, especially at high temperatures scale performance is far superior to conventional organic phosphate can improve the solubility of zinc, good resistance to chlorine oxidation resistance, good composite synergy. PBTCA scale and corrosion inhibitor in complex with the most widely used, it is one of the best performance, but also excellent stabilizer zinc salts. Widely used in circulating cooling water system and oilfield water injection system of corrosion and scale, especially for the zinc salt, copolymer compound used, it can be used in high temperature, high hardness, high alkali and high concentration required to run under multiple occasions, PBTCA in chelating agents can be used in the detergent industry and metal cleaning agent. HPMA is a low molecular weight polyelectrolyte, usually a relative molecular weight of 400 to 800, non-toxic, soluble in water, high chemical and thermal stability, decomposition temperature above 330 ℃. There are obviously threshold effects at high temperature (<350 ℃) and high PH. HPMA alkaline water suitable for use with other drugs or complex. HPMA below 300 ℃ still has good scale inhibition against carbonate dispersion effect, scale time up to 100h. Due to the excellent performance and high temperature performance HPMA scale, so the flash desalination devices and low pressure boiler, steam locomotive, crude oil dehydration, water pipelines and industrial circulating cooling water are widely used. In addition, HPMA has good corrosion inhibition effect is better with zinc salt. Keywords: greenwater treatment agent, scale inhibitor HEDP HPMA PBTCA PAPE
Throughout the treatment process, both the possibility of microbial growth and reproduction of existence, even though very few organic high purity water, but some bacteria can still grow and multiply, thus reducing the purity of the water. In order to prevent microbial contamination of the water again, people with chemical water treatment agent, oxidation, ultraviolet disinfection technology as a high water after handling. In recent years, in order to adapt to the rapid development of microelectronics industry, the high-water preparation technology in experimental research and production practice has some new developments, such as ultraviolet and ozone disinfection technology, micro-flocculation filtration processes. In the early 1900s it was discovered that the ultraviolet sterilization function, since 1936 to create the first low-pressure mercury lamp, UV germicidal a major step forward towards industrialization, ultraviolet germicidal speed, high efficiency, and by ultraviolet irradiation water does not change its physical and chemical properties, so that the water is suitable for a variety of ultraviolet flow processing. In the water treatment system, especially in the summer heat conditions, bacterial microorganisms multiply quickly, you should use fungicides for sterilization. These bacteria hazards of pure water aftertreatment system ultrafiltration or membrane filtration apparatus is large. Ultraviolet disinfection device not only can kill the bacteria, but also can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, and therefore the preparation of ultrapure water indispensable means.
In the current market environment, the development of water treatment agent companies already show signs of fatigue, how to be able to allow enterprises to continue the rapid development of it, no more than two terms of a breakthrough, a breakthrough is internal, one external breakthrough. Now many companies are looking outside of a breakthrough, which is commonly used, but the current situation is not suitable. The best way now is to find the most suitable enterprises to break from the inside. In industry, water treatment agent, water treatment agent business pattern is still a majority of small and medium enterprises, small number of large corporate brands. Big brand companies due to its high-end product positioning, the acquired orders and the market is not available to SMEs, while the majority of SMEs are still strife among themselves through the situation, the price war continued, but profits continued to decrease. This polarization type of development on the overall development of thewater treatment agent industry is not very favorable factor. Water treatment chemicals business in order to further development, it must also from the heart, looking for a breakthrough from internal factors. The external market environment and the country's overall economic situation has played only influence, we also see 2014 despite the harsh market environment, but there are a lot of manufacturers made the performance of growth. According to the changing market, flexibility to adjust their business strategy, management, marketing, etc., to achieve development. In short, water treatment agent companies looking to break from the inside is the best way, only companies can identify clear internal problems, to change their strategy, they will come to the fore. In the market downturn, it is both an opportunity and a challenge, if you respond well, make business problems. If the company can respond properly, it will make a business out of their way to make their businesses more features.
Marxist political economics, by itself, worth the price determined by supply and demand relationship and influence. As an industrial fungicide antivirus products, but also a kind of commodity, according to this conclusion, fungicide price is a dynamic change in them, it is not immutable. Supply and demand is an important factor affecting the price of industrial fungicide, germicide but factors that affect the price of industrial supply and demand so much more than one, for example raw material prices, labor costs, utilities costs, management costs and depreciation costs, and so on. The impact of market supply and demand, the water treatment industry is a relatively large industrial fungicide market applications this year, China's overall economic situation develops slowly, but the government has taken to encourage water treatment industry, to support the development of policy, water treatment agent industry rapidly , which affect the use of industrial fungicide to a certain extent. Fluctuations in raw material prices, including industrial fungicide chloride and urea production of raw materials, especially the price of ammonium chloride and urea have been wavering, largely because the domestic price of urea is also in a state of recession, our electric urea and ammonium chloride production capacity is also an oversupply, countries have been through a variety of policy making constant adjustments, the price of urea has been in constant change. Changes in raw material prices, the price impact on industrial fungicide is the most direct, is quite obvious. Like a machine which costs, labor costs, management costs are influenced by many factors of industrial fungicides prices because they are constantly changing, so the price of industrial fungicide among the changes is also very reasonable. However, due to the action of a combination of factors, the fungicide price is still determined by its value, though changes, but the overall price fluctuation is not very big changes.
Gifted chlorine net is a highly effective fungicide, which produce large amounts of waste water in the production process, the wastewater contains large amounts of chlorine-containing substances released into the environment without treatment, and will destroy the ecological balance of the environment. Net gifted chlorine chemical called sodium dichloroisocyanurate, is a remarkably versatile broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity sanitizers, at room temperature can be sustained, steady release of hypochlorous acid in the water. Gifted chlorine net has a strong bactericidal properties, hepatitis B virus, iron bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria, bacterial spores have a strong killing effect. By querying on the network, currently on the net gifted chlorine production wastewater treatment study did not, so we can use activated carbon adsorption can be proved by excellent net chlorine production wastewater treatment, after the reaction of cyanuric acid is excellent chlorine net production of raw materials, recycling of waste water have a good effect. Net gifted chlorine discharged in the production process a large amount of wastewater, wastewater containing mainly dichloroisocyanurate and chloride ion, dichloroisocyanurate is gifted chlorine net before the reactants, which also release hypochlorous acid in the water, on the water The fungus has a strong role in the killing, if effective governance of its wastewater, grassroots food chain will destroy the ecological environment, thereby undermining the entire plant environment surrounding water ecosystems. Activated carbon adsorption method is the use of activated carbon adsorption selective fluid to one or several test points, so that the fluid mixture to be isolated, which can effectively remove most of the organic matter in sewage and certain inorganic substances, which can for gifted chlorine Net production of wastewater dichloroisocyanurate adsorption. Factors affecting the adsorption effect mainly adsorbent dosage and mixing time, during the experiment the same concentration of wastewater adding different amounts of active carbon stirred same length of time to make a curve, the time required to obtain the same stirring at this concentration The optimum dosage, the same take the same amount of activated carbon adsorption curve was stirred at different times to make optimum adsorption time. Specific experimental procedure do not say here, briefly explain within a certain time frame to increase the stirring time can improve removal, so stirring time is wastewater treatment is an important parameter. In specific problems, according to the empirical function experiments calculated in different amounts of activated carbon saturation and the time between the actual processing to calculate the optimum mixing time.


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