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Circulating cooling water system, whether it is new system or is an old system, in normal driving administration prior to system cleaning and pre film work. Cleaning and pre membrane work is referred to as the pretreatment of the chemical treatment of circulating water system. For the new system, equipment and piping in the installation process, will inevitably debris, debris and dust in the system, sometimes cooling equipment corrosion and pollution is also very serious, the debris and oil if not clean, will affect the pre membrane. Circulating cooling water system The cooling equipment of the old system is often dirty, sticky mud and metal corrosion products, which seriously affect the life of equipment and heat transfer efficiency. Therefore, the cleaning work is done well, for the new system, it can improve the pre membrane effect, reduce corrosion and scaling. For the old system that has been put into operation, it can improve the heat transfer efficiency, improve the operating conditions, ensure long production cycle, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of the equipment. Therefore, the cleaning work is an essential part of the circulating water system. Pre membrane of the circulating water system is in order to enhance the corrosion inhibitor film forming effect, often in the circulating water drive early adding higher quantity of corrosion inhibitor and treat into film, and then reduce the dose to maintain membrane repairing, namely so-called normal processing. The purpose of this kind of pretreatment is to form a protective film on the metal surface, and to improve the corrosion inhibition effect of water treatment agent corrosion inhibitor. Practice has also proved that in the same system, after the pre membrane and without the pre film equipment, in the case of the same corrosion inhibitor, the corrosion inhibition effect is very large. Therefore, the pre - film work in the early stage of circulating water must be given high attention. Circulating cooling water system In addition to the circulation water system in the car must be carried out in the pre film, the occurrence of the following circumstances also need to re - pre - film: The annual maintenance system without water. After the system is cleaned. 40 h water or heat exchange equipment is exposed in the air 12h. Circulating water system pH<4 up to 2h.
Sewage treatment agent are mainly flocculating agent, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocide, disintegrating agent, cleaning agent, in advance, defoamer, decoloring agent, chelating agent, deoxidizer and ion exchange resin, etc. This paper will be mainly of flocculant and biocide analysis. China's water treatment reagent is introduced in the 70 s after the large chemical fertilizer unit attention and progressive development; Later, independent research and development of a series of dosing device. Dosing system in our country drugs main kinds of scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, algae fungicidal, inorganic Flocculants, organic flocculants such as several major categories. Water treatment reagents can be roughly divided into three categories: A, sewage treatment agent Second, the industrial circulating water treatment agent Three, the oil-water separating agent Commonly used water treatment agents are: the scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, algae fungicidal (water treatment disinfectant), cleaning agents, sticky mud stripping agent, flocculant, coagulant, dispersing agent, such as water treatment agent, sodium hexametaphosphate is also a kind of water treatment. Four, the green water treatment agents PASP poly (aspartic acid Water treatment reagent, water quality testing, water quality testing instruments The new dosing device agent features: 1, reaction speed, ordinary industrial wastewater treatment only half an hour to a few hours. 2, has a wide range of organic pollutants, difficult in addition to the degradation of organic material has good degradation effect, etc. 3, the craft is simple, low cost, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, the treatment effect is ideal, less consumption of micro electrolysis reaction agent when processing. 4 after micro electrolysis treatment, waste water will form the original ecological or ferrous iron in water, is better than the ordinary coagulant coagulation effect, no need to add iron salts coagulant, such as high removal rate of COD, and will not cause secondary pollution to the water. 5, have good coagulation effect, can effectively remove chromaticity and COD, and can greatly increase the wastewater biological sex. 6, the method can achieve the effect of phosphorus removal by chemical precipitation, can also through the reduction in addition to heavy metal. Water treatment agent 7, analysis our country facing the development opportunity, expounds the present situation of the application of environmentally friendly water treatment agent, water treatment agent think in theoretical innovation on the solid foundation of coagulation, we will send the green water treatment agents, multivariate composite water treatment reagents and nanometer materials, microbial flocculants such as new type of high efficient water treatment agent in the direction of the high speed development. Features: Natural mineral water treatment agent, is a composite aluminum silicate non-metallic mineral as the main raw materials, through special technology processing and new products, and chemical synthesis of water treatment agent are essentially different. The state has two kinds of slurry and powder. Nature of partial acid, PH 3 ~ 4. Paste proportion of 1.5 ~ 1.5, the powder weight 1.2 ~ 1.3. Color grey to dark grey. Natural mineral water treatment agent has five sex: adsorption, ion exchange, catalytic cracking, chemical conversion, physiological sterility. Application: (1) the most important advantage is that can control all kinds of difficult, especially toxic wastewater; (2) to clear a little floating compound; (3) fast flocculation precipitation and sediment, low moisture content, high compactness, good water, easy to filter processing; (4) the sewage treatment facilities and the process is simple, convenient operation, greatly reduce the project construction of a one-time investment, operation cost is not high at the same time; (5) sewage sludge, used as agricultural fertilizer additive has a synergistic effect, because the mineral materials are heavy fertilizer additives. So as to eliminate the secondary pollution. In water treatment industry, not only is widely used all kinds of water treatment equipment, water treatment agent also make great contribution to various industries. Dosing system agents including corrosion scale inhibitor, flocculating agent, reducing agent, fungicide, catalyst, cleaning agents, etc., each agent has its own function and characteristics. The corrosion scale inhibitor The corrosion scale inhibitor just as its name implies is to relieve the boiler water circulation equipment such as scale and corrosion of a water treatment agent. The agent composed of alkaline material and organic compound with, joined the corrosion inhibitors, to prevent the heating surface corrosion. Potion of alkaline material, through chemical reaction inside the boiler, react with the water of calcium and magnesium salts material generated water slag, through boiler blowdown function after precipitation, calcium and magnesium ion concentration, reduce the water is not generated in the boiler scale. Detergent sex Cleaner is a kind of can dissolve penetrants volatile solvent, used to remove excess penetrant checked the workpiece surface. Some detergent specially designed specifically for removal of metal hydroxide, calcium carbonate and other similar adhesion in polyamide, polysulfone and components of film on the surface of the scale. In detergent before use to check the cleaning tank, piping and security filter and install the new filter. fungicide Fungicide, look at the name will see it. Fungicide is primarily to eliminate harmful bacteria such as bacteria, microbial a potion. Internationally, usually as a prevention and control of all kinds of pathogenic microorganism reagent. Disinfectant does not produce such as bromine, iodine, peroxide or peracetic acid and other drugs cause hidden trouble to the system. Common technologies: 1, sterilization, disinfection, water disinfection methods can be divided into two kinds of chemical and physical. Physical disinfection methods such as heating method and uv method, ultrasonic method; Chemical methods by chlorine, ozone, heavy metal ions and other antioxidants, etc. 2, magnetization: effect of the magnetic fields for water treatment effect, called the magnetization of water treatment. 3, precision filtration, made of special material microporous filter, filter membrane, using its uniform aperture, to intercept the water particles, bacteria, etc., make it can't be removed by filter, filter membrane intercept. Precision filter to micron grade (microns) or nanoscale particles and bacteria (nm). In the depth of the water processing is widely applied. 4, the ultrafiltration technology: ultrafiltration is a membrane separation technology. Is under a certain pressure (pressure of 0.07 to 0.07 Mpa, the highest no more than 1.05 Mpa), water flow on the surface of the membrane, and dissolve the salt in water and other electrolytes are tiny particles, can permeate ultrafiltration membranes, and the molecular weight of the big particles and colloidal substances will block by ultrafiltration membrane, so that part of the water particle separation technology. Of ultrafiltration membrane pore size is made up of a certain molecular weight material to intercept test, and the molecular weight value. 5, ozone: is a normal temperature is blue, there are special fishy smell gas, formula for O3. Ozone allotrope of oxygen, it can break down at room temperature for a single atom of oxygen, while a single atom of oxygen with strong oxidizing. Ozone is a bacteria, fungi and bacteria, modified protein oxidation, lose the electrolyte, can kill bacteria breeding and germ cell, viruses, fungi, etc., and can damage botulinum toxins, bacteria can eliminate and kill in the air, water, food toxins and bacteria that can be in addition to the peculiar smell, is widely used in food production process of disinfection and sterilization. Ozone in the process of disinfection and sterilization only non-toxic oxide, excess ozone reduction for oxygen, finally, there is no residue on the sterilized items, can be directly used for the disinfection of food. 6, ion exchange, ion exchange, is the ions in the water and ions on ion exchange resin, such as charge by reaction. Ion exchange reaction process can use H + Na + HR type cation exchange resin and water exchange reaction process, for example: HR + Na + = Na++ H + from the known: in ion exchange reaction, the cations (Na) in the water were transferred to resin, the ion exchange resin in a commutative H into the water. Na from the water transfer is ion on the resin process Replacement process. And the H on the resin exchange to process according to the process of free water. Therefore, as a result of free and displacement process, make the Na and H swap position, this change is called ion exchange. 7, ultraviolet (uv) : when mercury lamp lit, can emit wavelength of 1400 nm to 4900 nm uv (1 nm = 10-10 m), the light can penetrate bacterial cell walls, kill microbes, achieve disinfection sterilization. At about 2600 nm uv wavelength effect is best. Ultraviolet disinfection is mainly used in processing small drinking water. Its characteristic is: killing capability is strong, short contact time; Simple equipment, convenient operation and management, the treated water colorless, odorless, no harm of poisoning; Doesn't increase as chlorine antivirus of chloride ions. 8, adsorption purification technology: refers to a adsorption capacity material such as activated carbon adsorption technology. Here is some characteristics of activated carbon, only do brief introduction: activated carbon is widely used in drinking water and food industry, chemical industry, electric power and other industrial water purification, dehydrogenation, oil removal and to smell, etc. Usually, can remove 63% 86% colloidal substance; About 50% of the iron; And 47% to 60% of organic matter.
This paper introduces the circulating cooling water system cleaning and pre film, scheme and effect of circulating water cleaning and pre film. Keywords cleaning pre membrane circulating water heat load 1. Jinan Iron and Steel coking with an annual output of 105 million tons of coke, with 6 million m3 / h gas purification system, 4 million T / a coal tar processing system, 1.5 million T / a of refined benzene processing system. Circulating cooling water system in warm water and cold water, warm water effluent index 28-320C, backwater 41-450C, circulating water 4000m3 / h, mainly for primary cooler in warm water section, lean, ammonia washing, refined benzene, benzene and other warm water cooling equipment, by cooling tower evaporation cooling. Low temperature circulating water index 16-180C, backwater 23-250C and circulation of China / h, mainly for primary cooler low temperature water, lean, washing ammonia, benzene and other low temperature water cooling equipment. In winter, the low temperature circulating water cooling tower by evaporative cooling; summer, low-temperature circulating water cooling by LiBr refrigeration mechanism. 2 the purpose of cleaning and pre film 2.1 the purpose of cleaning The cooling water system in the operation process, the metal surface cooling equipment often cause fouling (sediment) accumulation. Most cooling equipment made of carbon, the thermal conductivity of the carbon steel 46.4-52.5W/ (M - K), but the thermal conductivity of carbonate 0.464-0.697W / (m, K), only about 1% of the carbon steel, oil layer of the thermal conductivity is lower for the 0.117W / m in the K.), only the carbon steel of about 0.25%. Therefore, the existence of dirt will greatly reduce the cooling effect of the heat transfer. At the same time, dirt to heat transfer heat exchanger in cooling water channel cross-sectional area and the cooling water flow becomes smaller, lower cooling effect; the dirt will appear in different parts of the same metal in different temperature regions, causing hot corrosion. Microbial slime and grease is the base of microbial growth and nutrients, microbial slime or avoid biocide shelter. The oxygen consumption of oil will increase the cooling water, reducing the effect of biocide. Dirt also prevents the cooling water corrosion inhibitor and the pre membrane agent to reach the metal surface of the cooling device, so that they are difficult to react with the metal to produce protective film, thereby reducing the corrosion inhibitor and the protective effect of the pretreatment film. The dirt is covered on the metal surface, which creates the condition for the corrosion under the scale. Therefore, whether it is to improve the cooling effect to consider, or to prevent corrosion to consider, the cooling water system should be regularly cleaned. 2.2 The purpose of the pre membrane The purpose of the metal cooling equipment in the cooling water system is to form a complete and corrosion-resistant protective film on the metal surface with a high concentration of corrosion inhibitor solution. After the protective film is formed, the metal cooling equipment can be put into normal production. At this time, the use of a low concentration of corrosion inhibitor can repair the normal operation of the protective film to be mildly damaged, so that the corrosion rate of metals in the allowable numerical range, the international standard for 0.125mm / A. A large number of experiments show that, no matter what kind of inhibitor, the corrosion and fouling of the carbon steel can be effectively controlled if the corrosion and fouling of the carbon steel can be effectively controlled without the pretreatment of the membrane. Therefore, the first use of high concentration of corrosion inhibitor film, and then use a low concentration of corrosion inhibitor to run much more economical, while the direct use of low concentration corrosion inhibitor to control the corrosion is much more effective. Analysis of fouling formation in 3 cooling water system (1) inorganic salts brought in by supplementary water. Due to the following reasons, the formation of dirt from the cooling water. (1) in operation process, cooling water by evaporation and concentration, some very small solubility inorganic salts, such as calcium sulfate, silicate concentration exceeds its solubility, in the heat transfer surface precipitation fouling of inorganic salts; II to add water into the of Ca (HCO3) 2 in the cooling tower in aeration and on the wall of the heat exchanger for heat and emit CO2, the decomposition for the small solubility of calcium carbonate scale; (3) add water into ferrous ions and in cooling tower by oxygen oxidation for the high iron ion and generates very little solubility of ferric hydroxide and precipitation. (2) the metal cooling equipment in the system is dissolved in the water to dissolve oxygen corrosion and corrosion products, such as low cost and high price of iron oxide or hydroxide. (3) add water into the suspended solids -- sediment, dust, debris and cooling water in cooling tower from the air washing down the dust and slag, in the running process of the cooling water, they coalesce into larger particles, flow slowly deposited in the dirt. (4) the formation of microorganisms into the air or water to breed or death in the cooling water system in the mud. (5) in the generation of materials, such as tar, benzene leak into the formation of fouling in cooling water system. Oil often plays the role of the dirt on the surface of the metal binder. (6) water treatment agent, due to improper management of dirt generated, such as Ca3 (PO4) 2, Zn (OH) 2. 4 cleaning and pre film plan 4.1 cleaning solutions Don't stop cleaning program is divided into two steps. The first step is bactericidal and Algaecidal agent and slime stripping agent. The second step is acid to get rid of the corrosion and scale. Specific cleaning scheme: (1) to the circulating water and oxidizing bactericide YOULUJING 150mg / L, regulating the circulating water with hydrochloric acid pH value was 7.5-8.5 and the concentration of circulating water during the operation of 24-48h, can not discharge. (2) with the reducing fungicide 1227150mg / L, regulating the circulating water with hydrochloric acid pH value is 7.5-8.5, and the inhibitor of CW-1930450mg / L, 24h. If the circulating water bubble, adding an appropriate amount of defoaming agent. Drainage replacement to the turbidity is less than 20mg / L. (3) and metal corrosion inhibitor Lan-826150mg / L, hydrochloric acid, strict control of circulating water pH is 4.0-5.0, at this time to pay special attention to the Ca2 +, total hardness, iron, turbidity, pH changes; (4) running 18-24h after, when the Ca2 + and turbidity does not rise or increased marginally, a large number of sewage replacement, pickling is completed. 4.2 pre membrane program After cleaning, and then do not stop the film, the specific steps are as follows: (1) through the replacement of sewage, the circulating water Fe2+<1mg / L, Ca2+<500mg / L, turbidity <20mg / L; (2) adding pre filming agent 200mg / L, CW-19304200mg / L, concentrated operation 4-6 days; (3) emission of total phosphorus in circulating water of replacement dropped to 4.5 to 6.0, into normal operation.
Central air conditioning and industrial circulating water system cleaning, the cleaning water system scale has a wealth of experience, of different component of scale by scale in different chemical components of cleaning agent, to ensure that a thorough cleaning and descaling, of safety equipment, is committed to industrial wastewater and industrial circulating water, central air conditioning circulating water treatment and cleaning. Main business scope: industrial wastewater treatment; industrial circulating water treatment design and adjustment of formula; industrial circulating water treatment chemicals and supplies; industrial water treatment water quality testing; circulating cooling water treatment design; industrial circulating cooling water treatment agent (fungicide, germicide, slow inhibition and scale inhibition agent), circulating water system of central air-conditioning cleaning, pre film. The effect of industrial circulating water treatment: (1) to improve the cooling effect, reduce the accident occurred: industrial circulating water treatment, can kill algae, remove the sludge, make the line flow, water clarity. At the same time, the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger and the condenser is improved, the cooling effect is improved, and the circulating water system is safe and efficient. (2) protection equipment, prolong service life: industrial circulating water treatment, can rust, anti scale. To avoid equipment corrosion, damage, corrosion inhibitor, can make the equipment corrosion rate decreased by 90%, the service life is doubled. (3) energy saving water saving, reduced cost: industrial circulating water treatment, scale removal, to prevent the formation of scale, improve the efficiency of heat exchange at the same time, reduce the consumption of electricity or fuel. Industrial circulating water treatment can improve concentration, reduce emissions, improve the utilization rate of circulating water. (4) save repair costs and production losses without industrial circulating water treatment equipment, there will be the condenser heat exchanger fouling, corrosion, overpressure shutdown and even failure and scrap. Industrial circulating water treatment, can reduce maintenance costs, and can prolong the heat exchanger and condenser pipe service life, avoid downtime, create better benefits for the user.
Water treatment chemicals formulation Water treatment chemicals industrial enterprises in water, living water and polluted water treatment is often used in chemical reagents. It's important function is to inhibit rust, silt, contact a lot of foam, inhibition and long-term water leaching vessel material erosion, clean water scattered solid particle technology engineer toxic side effects of the substance, deodorization, bleaching, softening and stable water etc.. Technical staff can of water purifying agent, scale inhibitor, bactericide, anti osmosis cleaning agent, anti permeability agent important category and performance further improved, synchronization is for new varieties of water processing agent formula on its own deployment, to provide an ion exchange agent, activated carbon water treatment agent, electric air stone, diatomite, montmorillonite, zeolite, sepiolite and bentonite environment-friendly type natural mineral materials in water treatment chemicals composition, performance, product improvement and development a series of technical services. Can be used with strong bactericidal Algicide associated water treatment agent composition containing range analysis technology: 1, flocculant, reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor, scale inhibitor; 2, chlorine, hypochlorite, chlorinated isocyanuric acid and ozone; 3, flocculant: water treatment flocculant, oil well flocculant; 4, mineral water treatment chemicals: diatomite, zeolite, bentonite, etc.; 5, other water treatment chemicals: water treatment matching agents, sewage purification agents, reverse osmosis, etc.. The main components of the sterilization and algae killing agent (recipe): the main formula of the sterilization and algae killing agent is quaternary ammonium salt
Optimal chlorine net is in the water treatment agent a, on the market is very common, mainly for swimming pool water treatment, industrial circulating water algae. Is also a kind of product that customers are very fond of. The environment is friendly to the environment, and it does not produce new substances, and the chemicals involved are environmentally friendly and will not have a bad effect. So please rest assured, you are very friendly to the environment. Optimal chlorine net more important a role is to the country's environmental protection cause to make a contribution, at the same time for the conservation of water resources is also very help, it can enable reuse of water resources, reduce the waste of water resources. The country is very supportive of the development of this product. Overall, the advantages of chlorine is a very good net product.
What are the organic phosphonate used? Xiao Bian here for you a simple introduction about the organic phosphonate water treatment agent, organic phosphonic acid water treatment agent is organic phosphorus water treatment agent containing salt water treatment agent, mainly potassium and sodium salts. Hedpna2 [hydroxyethyl poor diphosphonic acid disodium], HEDPNa4 [hydroxy ethylidene diphosphonic acid sodium is the sodium salt of HEDP, in addition to the outside and HEDPK [hydroxy ethylidene diphosphonic acid potassium salt] ATMPNa4 [aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid sodium four], ATMPNa5 [aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid sodium five] is the sodium salt of ATMP, in addition to ATMPK [k] amino trimethylene phosphonic acid EDTMPNa5 [ethylenediamine tetra (methylene phosphonic acid sodium 5], diethylene triamine penta methylene phosphonic acid sodium DTPMPNa, diethylene triamine penta methylene phosphonic acid sodium DTPMPNa5, diethylene triamine penta methylene phosphonic acid seven sodium DTPMPNa7, PBTCA salt PBTCANa4, HDTMPA potassium HDTMPAK6
We live the surface from water, not only our own needs, the needs of our production and living, and now the development of all aspects of the make water has been unable to meet our use, so the water treatment for our common substance, usually in American water treatment chemicals exist there are several forms of conversion of the chemical substances. First,fungicides Algae and slime growth can be effectively excavated in the different pH range has a good bactericidal killing capacity, and has the dispersion and penetration, can penetrate and remove mucus stripping and attached algae. In addition, there are oil. Widely used in the circulating cooling water system, oilfield water injection system, chilled water system, as a kind of non oxidative bactericidal algicide, slime stripping agent, can also be used as a dyeing of acrylic fiber dyeing agent and soft, antistatic treatment of textile processing. Two, scale and corrosion inhibitor ATMPhas good chelating, low limit inhibition and crystal lattice distortion. Salt can prevent scale formation, especially the formation of calcium carbonate scale. This product is stable in water and chemical properties, is not easy to hydrolysis. When the concentration of water is high, it has good corrosion inhibition effect. This product is used in the circulating cooling water and oil field water injection system of thermal power plant and oil refinery. Can play a role in reducing the corrosion and scaling of metal equipment or pipes. The product can be used as metal ion chelating agent in textile printing and dyeing industry, and can also be used for metal surface treatment agent, etc.. ATMP solid crystalline powder, soluble in water, easy to absorb moisture, easy to transport and use, especially suitable for winter cold areas. HEDP, a kind of scale inhibitor, can form a stable complex with iron and copper, zinc and other metal ions, can also be dissolved in the metal surface of the oxide. Can also play a good corrosion and scale inhibition, at 250 degrees Celsius, the high pH value is still very stable, not easy to hydrolysis, at room temperature is not easy to break down. Acid and alkali, chlorine, chlorine oxidation than other organic acid (salt). HEDP can calcium ions in the six ring chelate formation and water system, metal ions in particular. Therefore, it has obvious inhibition effect is good, HEDP solution limit effect, when with otherwater treatment agentcompound has a good synergistic effect. HEDP solid is a kind of high purity product, it is suitable for the cold area in winter, especially for the cleaning agent and the daily chemical additive in the electronic industry. Because of the actual situation, the use of each water treatment agent is not the same, we choose our actual situation as a standard, so that it can play the best use of the results.
Central air conditioning duct, evaporator, fan coil, such as long-term in a closed dark state, the internal environment of high temperature and humidity. Air impurities, dust, bacteria, viruses into the air conditioning, and the condensation of water stuck in the evaporator and other parts. The adhesion of dirt, a large number of days and months multiplying, sludge, carbon. And the invisible people are breeding in a large number of germs in the. A large number of stolen goods inside long time air conditioning product set, to shorten the life of the normal use of air-conditioning. At the same time, the air conditioning refrigeration, the heat efficiency of the system is greatly reduced, and the working time of the pump head is prolonged, and the load is increased, thereby increasing the oil consumption. Principle: the cleaning is to remove the dirt attached to the surface of the object by physical or chemical method, and to restore the process of the original surface. Removal of all kinds of bacteria and algae in the circulating water by fungicide. Adding slime stripping agent, shedding biofouling; adding chemical cleaning agent, dispersing agent, will rust, dirt, oil dispersed cleaning discharge, providing a clean metal surface; input pre coating agent, polymerization polymer protective film on the metal surface to form a dense, to corrosion by; adding corrosion inhibitor, prevent metal to rust; adding polymer scale inhibitor to prevent crystallization of calcium and magnesium ions in precipitation. Six obvious effects of central air conditioning cleaning: 1, equipment protection and prolong service life: can rust, avoid corrosion damage to equipment, especially after prevention and treatment, so that the equipment and prolong the service life and into the water treatment agent corrosion inhibitor can the corrosion rate decreased by 90%. 2 to reduce accidents and improve the refrigeration effect: sterilization algae removal, removal of sludge, the pipeline flow, clear water and anti scale, improve the condenser and the evaporator of the heat exchange rate, so as to avoid high pressure operation, overpressure shutdown phenomenon, improve the flow of chilled water, improving the cooling effect, safety and efficient operation of the system. 3, save electricity, water and fuel saving: remove scale and prevent scale formation, improve the efficiency of heat exchange, thereby reducing 20% electric energy and fuel consumption and water treatment can also reduce emissions, so as to improve the utilization rate of water recycling, water saving more than 60%. 4, for the user to save a lot of maintenance fee: not the central air conditioning, it will appear the pipe plug, fouling, corrosion, overpressure down until the accident, such as host due to corrosion and leakage, contamination of the solutions, copper pipe replacement, replacement of the buffer, the host repair, it generally takes maintenance fee of 20 to 50 million yuan. And after treatment, both to reduce maintenance costs, but also to extend the life of equipment, but also for the owners to reduce the loss of hundreds of thousands or even millions. 5, in line with the state environmental protection requirements: untreated recycled water can not be discharged directly, the water treatment equipment must be placed separately after treatment can be discharged. And after the latest development of the technological process of recycling water to meet the requirements of the national environmental protection requirements of the emission standards, can be directly discharged, so that both cost savings for the owners, but also to protect the ecological environment. 6, favorable physical health: after cleaning the central air conditioning, can be "Legion" completely kill, fan coil port sent out of the cold and fresh air, high quality, is conducive to the health of the user.
The sales of non oxidizing fungicides are seasonal, with a large difference in seasonal sales, such as: winter sales are particularly low, summer sales are particularly high, so, the temperature on the impact of non oxidative fungicide sales. So we should respond in advance, such as: winter, less prepared some goods, reduce the price. In the summer, more than a few goods, improve the price. So we should take the initiative to deal with the impact of temperature on the sales of non - oxidizing agent. Non oxidative bactericidal algicide, slime stripping agent not to oxidation to kill microorganisms, but that toxicity in the special position of microorganisms, thus, it is not affected by water reducing substances affect non oxidative bactericidal killing algae agent role in the killing a certain permanence, on deposits or slime have permeability, exfoliation, less affected by the reduction of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other substances, less affected by the pH of the water. Non oxidative bactericide is bactericidal Algicide a, is a general term for all non oxidative bactericide, in social production and life has a lot of places used for non oxidative bactericide agent, it is everywhere, to the people brought great convenience. That is why the non - oxidation bactericidal agent so popular, it is related to its characteristics, the following is a simple talk about its characteristics. Water treatment agent of non oxidizing bactericide not oxidation in killing microorganisms, but that toxicity in the special position of microorganisms, thus, it is not affected by some persistence of water reducing material effect of non oxide sterilization agent role in the killing, of sediment or slime penetration, exfoliation, less affected by the reduction of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other substances, less affected by the pH of the water. After reading these, we will find that non - oxidation of fungicides is a very rare chemical agents, a great role in many areas of the necessary products. Our company is the production of non - oxidative sterilization agent manufacturers, high quality and low price, welcome everyone to come to consult the purchase.


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