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Scale and corrosion inhibitor for the use of water treatment agent according to the test parameters of water. Use this kind of product if the water quality of the circulating water can be used for testing, and then use it according to the water quality of the test. In this case, it will reduce a lot of unnecessary waste, in addition to customers can bring good economic benefits, all, the conditions of the best customers can be targeted for water quality testing. Scale and corrosion inhibitor in the field of agriculture can be used as fertilizer. It to metal ions with chelating effect, the relatively molecular mass can enrichment in the soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements supply plant, enable plants to more efficient use of fertilizer, so as to achieve the effect of crops increase yield and improve quality. Moreover, it is used in the field of daily chemical cleaning and detergent builder. It has the function of water softening, dirt dispersing and anti fouling, which can be used in place of phosphorus detergent, and because of its non-toxic and non irritating characteristics, it can be used for the production of harmless washing products for human body. Scale and corrosion inhibitor are hot pursued, highly recognized by the market, in many areas are required to help it. Thus, it has great potential for development in the future have a greater development space.
Circulating water treatment chemicals in power plants are mainly in the following categories: 1 fungicides: in the operation of the unit to increase the oxidation of fungicides. Oxidation of fungicides as a conventional fungicide, the oxidation of the agent will cause corrosion of equipment and equipment, so to control the amount of useful chlorine in the control of 1mg/L is more secure, and the need to control the sterilization time. Non oxidizing fungicides are also to be increased during the operation of the unit, generally in the spring and summer fall three season, the monthly or seasonal impact, 2 power plant: polyferric sulfate ferric sulfate can process different wastewater. The power plant water treatment agent with technical and economic advantages in water treatment and can handle other agents to deal with water quality consumption dosage dehydration comparison difficult questions, thereby reducing production costs and operation costs in a large extent. Especially on electroplating wastewater treatment and reuse is the most economical and useful and applicable water treatment flocculant. 3: polyaluminium chloride to do first settlement than the experimental before using all data, according to the experimental dose increase. The amount in the range of 30 ~ 120mg/L, running in filter effluent water or reagent. Rinse agent according to the share of 1:5 diluted (solid dosage in 1:15 dilution), the metering pump will pump the solution coagulation tower. Can increase the activity of silt in winter, in order to increase sedimentation. 4. The complex scale and corrosion inhibitor: unit prior to operation, according to the amount of water a cast processing industry recycling water commonly used insecticides end, reagent concentration control at 10mg / L, unit operation in the increase of: agent according to 1:3 share input of chemical tank, water dilution, metering pumps with income mixed medicine is mixed, and then into the circulating pool. Organic phosphine concentration control in circulating water is greater than or equal to 1.5mg/L, the timing of discharge of circulating water. As the concentration of copper ion in water, increasing water soluble copper corrosion inhibitor to control.
The title will add "" is derived from the central air conditioning water treatment agent has many different products with the classification and type, scope, characteristics, nature and function and taboos apply different, and screw type scale dedicated central air conditioning agent is just one of the series of products of central air conditioning agent. The purpose of this paper is one of the screw type air conditioner special inhibitor, or prior knowledge of screw type scale inhibitor is better! Central air-conditioning professional screw type scale inhibitor used in cooling water system of screw type water-cooled air conditioning unit for scaling, corrosion, water treatment biocide. Can adapt to high basicity and high hardness cooling water. Both corrosion and scale functions of carbon steel and copper material can provide good corrosion protection. The purpose of this paper is the two manufacturers to choose, no, more precisely, is the choice of screw type inhibitor manufacturers skills! With the development of industrial enterprises, whether inhibitor manufacturers or fungicide or manufacturers of demulsifier manufacturers have their own business scope and business, sales model. As from the vast sea to find you as the person, with a certain degree of difficulty for challenge. So, how to choose the screw type air conditioner inhibitor manufacturers, products, manufacturers, in addition to considering the budget for procurement personnel is a "headache"! Except in special circumstances, special events, special treatment! Selection of screw type air conditioning special inhibitor manufacturers, that the individual can start from various aspects, including products, technology, professional degree, environment, budget...... from their own factories, considering the environmental factors! The trick: manufacturers choose products: product quality The quality of the products, from the visual angle, and not a sense of smell, guess a quickly determine how the quality of products. The quality of the products can be used for understanding the effect of indirect product efficacy or product. Secondly, can also be understood as the product's ability to adapt (if you choose to use their own equipment product range. For example: you are the lithium bromide central air conditioning, the purchase a batch of central air conditioning centrifugal specific inhibitors, it can not be attributed to the fault problem), product manufacturers are able to adapt to all kinds of cooling water, for example: high basicity and high hardness cooling water condition. Furthermore, the product itself has the effect in addition to descaling, whether there are other functions, such as sterilization algicide, anti corrosion and corrosion protection! Manufacturers choose two skills: use: professional technology The use of products, adding method and operation process of the right, for screw type central air-conditioning system, is a kind of good work. HL-221 screw type air conditioner special inhibitor, can use undiluted or diluted continuous dosing pump into the cooling tower at the bottom of the tank, the cooling water pipes, spray pool can be diluted with soft water, condensed water. Chemical equipment made of stainless steel, polyethylene or PVC. The use of the product, to a certain extent affect the product use effect. At the same time, from the use of whether the operation is correct, to a certain extent is decided by the level of technology and technical personnel, of course, there may be a customer is not in accordance with the technical personnel to explain the procedures in operation. Technical staff, after the customer special screw type air conditioning agent scale procurement, sales of manufacturers will arrange corresponding technical staff training explanation, mainly use process, pay attention to matters of some products, preventive measures, emergency measures and solutions... Although some..., but the product description, some customers do not pay attention to or that is not to pay attention to. Professional technology, can provide a more favorable method to solve the problem for you; to be able to timely and effective to solve the technical problems faced by your knowledge; at the same time, also can be better for you later product training guidance!
The chemical cleaning of the condenser is a chemical method, which is used to clean the dirt on the surface of the condenser pipe. Therefore, the cleaning process control is very strict. Chemical cleaning of condenser and cleaning pump, circulating tank is adopted to set up temporary loop, cleaning agents imposed on the circulation in the washing tank, the main lotion used in condenser brass or stainless steel corrosion scale cleaning agent, corrosion inhibition agent with the best domestic pickling corrosion agent and copper special corrosion inhibitor suitable for. As a priority among priorities of condenser cleaning work, corrosion technology with heavy metals, condenser cleaning of equipment safety, no corrosion. According to the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Metrology cleaning condenser field test, condenser cleaning equipment of no corrosion. Chemical cleaning of condenser, condenser cleaning plan according to the people's Republic of China, former Ministry of chemical industry standard HG/T2387-2007 "industrial equipment, chemical cleaning quality standards", "thermal power plant condenser cleaning and provide film guide" and the owner of the relevant materials and data of condenser. The efficient sterilization almost no corrosion to the condenser equipment agent slime stripping agent, water treatment agent, corrosion and chemical cleaning methods of organic acid series cleaning agent, accelerant and inhibitor of masking agent, dispersing agent, surfactant and other substances. Condenser brass or stainless steel tube biologicalslime soft scale and hard scale basic carbonate can be removed cleanly, the condenser is basically no corrosion. Condenser cleaning process for water leakage test, slime stripping cleaning corrosion treatment, hard fouling cleaning, neutralization and passivation, pre film, soft scale to the end. The condenser quality control measures: Wash: can be used to open the condenser covers the visual view, condenser cleaning effect is more intuitive, auxiliary method in chemical analysis, if the pH balance for cleaning the end. Condenser cleaning rate, removal rate of more than 90%, that is to be cleaned in the condenser surface cleaning, surface appearance inspection, condenser vacuum and normal temperature difference. The corrosion rate by cleaning the metal surface without local corrosion, the standard coupon corrosion speed should be less than 6g/m2 - H
Water treatmentagentscale inhibitor has dispersed in water insoluble inorganic salts, prevent or interfere with insoluble inorganic salts in metal surface precipitation and scaling function and maintain equipment, metal has good effect on heat transfer of a class of agents. Next in detail for everyone to introduce: 1, microorganisms in activated sludge mainly consists of fungi, bacteria, protozoa and metazoa. The effects of life characteristics of sludge microbial populations, has a vital significance on the treatment effect of sewage; 2, prepared by the load of raw sewage as influent to oxidation ditch activated sludge as the seed sludge, at a temperature of 25 DEG C and aerobic / anoxic (3:1), no sludge return under long-term operation, results show that slime stripping agent to the growth of the microorganisms in the activated sludge has role in promoting. 3, a certain concentration of slime stripping agent to enhance the sedimentation performance of the sludge, the removal of COD and ammonia nitrogen in wastewater have been improved; 4, in the influent cod load stability, microbial population is relatively stable, the number of denitrifying bacteria significantly more than nitrifying bacteria, dominant microflora; in addition of acrylamide cast, the total number of bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria counts were increased, the product promotes the aggregation and growth of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. To sum up, sewage treatment commonly used inhibitors with polyaluminium chloride as a coagulant used, biological pellet fluidized bed through the product dosing, promote mixed coagulation granulation, the granular sludge biochemical degradation, effluent water quality optimization.
We use circulating water scaling agent under normal circumstances will have corresponding to the specific form of expression, when used, we can according to the form to analyze and make appropriate adjustments to the current situation, if there are other substances hinders the circulating water scaling agent dispersed, the influence to play its role. Then we will think of a way to the pulled out. 1, circulating water scale inhibitor concentrations of itself is significant impact on scale inhibition and dispersion effect is one of the factors, on the inhibition of calcium carbonate and the influence of inhibiting calcium phosphate is different, the blocking calcium phosphate has the lowest concentration, only concentrations of pesticides than the lowest concentration, pharmacy is the role of inhibiting calcium phosphate. 2, whether the resistance of calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate resistance, are increased with the concentration of ferric ion, scale inhibition and dispersion effect decreased. Therefore, iron ions on water treatment agent of scale inhibition and dispersion effect obviously. With the increase of calcium hardness and basicity, scale inhibition and dispersion effect decreased. Therefore, calcium hardness and alkalinity have great influence on calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. The effect of turbidity on the scale inhibition and dispersion was affected by different degree, but the effect of calcium phosphate was greater, and the effect of calcium phosphate decreased significantly with the increase of turbidity. 3, fungicides of different chemicals scale dispersed has a different effect, oxidation type sterilization agent for most drugs of inhibiting calcium phosphate have synergistic effect, non - the effect of oxidized germicide on different types of agents as agents and, synergism, antagonism.
All aspects of our lives away from the water, is not only our own need, is our production and living needs, and now the development of all aspects of make water have been unable to meet our use, so the water treatment chemicals into the us to the common material, generally around us water treatment chemicals there are several forms. A biocide Can effectively to dig for the reproduction of algae and slime growth, in different pH range has a good bactericidal killing capacity of algae, and have to disperse and penetration, can penetrate and remove slime stripping and attached algae. In addition, there are oil. Widely used in circulating cooling water system, oilfield water injection system, chilled water system, as a non oxidative bactericide algicide, slime stripping agent, can also be used as dyeing acrylic fibers were dyed agent and textile processing of silky and antistatic treatment. Because of the actual needs of the situation, each kind of water treatment chemicals are for different use, when we choose to our actual situation as the criterion, so it can be used to play the best effect. Two, flocculant 1, the modified starch flocculant Used ammonium sulfate as initiator, the water chestnut powder and acrylonitrile graft copolymer, prepared by modified starch with to help coagulant polyaluminum chloride treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater. The removal rate of turbidity reached more than 70%. The leftover from the production of konjak powder and using urea as catalyst, through phosphate esterification made flocculant No. 1, for the treatment of dye wastewater containing sulfide. And when the dosage of 120mg / L, COD removal rate was 68.8% and chroma removal rate of 92%. In using starch as raw and synthesis of cationic modified polymer flocculant, and use it to light industry, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, the research results show that, suspended matter, COD and chroma removal rate is higher and less sludge production, the quality of treated wastewater are greatly improved. 2, lignin derivatives The use of paper waste liquor in lignin synthesis of cationic surfactant, dyeing wastewater treatment, the results show that the surface activity of lignin cationic agent has good flocculation performance, the decolorization rate of more than 90%. In straw pulp black liquor lignin from as flocculant, and with the effect of aluminum chloride, polyacrylamide were compared, the result indicates that the lignin dispose the superiority of printing and dyeing wastewater. 3, other natural polymer flocculant With natural resources as the main raw material, through physical, chemical processing made of novel amphiphilic mixed coagulation decolorant agent flocculating experiments ASD II on printing and dyeing mill reduction, sulfide, naphthol and cationic dyes and reactive dyes of dyeing wastewater, decolorization rate average more than 80%, the highest reached 98%, the removal rate of cod average more than 60%, up to 80%. Towel factory of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment using preparation of carboxymethyl chitosan flocculant, experimental results show that, carboxymethyl chitosan flocculant in wastewater decolorization and COD removal effect, are better than other flocculants.
Chinese is one of the more serious water shortage and pollution in the country. In 1993 the total water use in 1980 compared with an increase of 18.43%, reaching 525 billion 500 million m3, per capita water consumption is 450 m3. The water structure changed greatly, since 1980, the national agricultural irrigation and domestic water in rural areas (collectively rural water) was essentially flat, and industrial water and urban water supply will have a larger growth. In 1993, yellow, Huaihe, Haihe River Basins of per capita volume of water resources were 543, 500 and 351 m3, and water consumption per capita is 393, 301 and 347 m3. Foreign scholars believe that the per capita water resources in the amount of 1 000 m3 is the minimum standards for the realization of modernization, from the point of view of the current status and future development, to our country north of the yellow, Huaihe, Haihe river basins reached the per capita water resources in the amount of 1 000 M3 is extremely difficult, even to reach 500 m3 also need a lot of investment. From the Chinese situation, the current city of serious water shortage, has caused economic losses and serious social and environmental problems. The distribution of urban water shortage will be the focus in the North (North China, northeast, northwest) region and the eastern coastal cities gradually spread to the whole nation. It is important to save water, sewage treatment and the development of new water sources. Vigorously develop the role of water treatment chemicals important to save water and sewage management plays. Water treatment agent, which belongs to the category of fine chemical, compared to the commonly used chemicals. It has many characteristics of fine chemicals, such as production scale is generally small, therefore the plant less equipment investment, small production; many varieties of products, variety update quickly; high added value; technical service must not less; a variety of products, especially complex products, with strong specificity. A water treatment agent, foreign development status: At present, abroad has formed "the concept of industrial water treatment. According to the analysis of American industry expert Jean M.Kennay point of view, the industry can be divided into 3 parts, namely, product manufacturing, service and system construction. Products include water treatment equipment and chemicals manufacture, system construction refers to the construction of water treatment engineering, water treatment service refers to the technical service. Usually, chemical manufacturers also service providers. The industrial water treatment market sales of about $30 billion, equipment manufacturing and construction of the system of the industry accounted for about 73%. For the rest of the chemicals sales and technical services sales. Chemicals accounted for about 20%, estimates will not exceed $6 billion.
The Freedonia group recently released report shows that the next few years the global water treatment chemicals demand will increase at an average annual rate of 6.2% speed, 2015 global water treatment chemicals market size will be close to $650 million. Among them, North American water processing chemicals market will be from 180.55 billion dollars in 2010 increased to $227 billion in 2015, with an average annual growth rate of 4.7%; Western Europe will from 9.925 billion increased to $123.1 million, an average annual growth rate of 4.4%; in the Asia Pacific region will from 113.45 billion increased to $167.2 billion, an average annual growth rate of 8.1%; central and South America will from $19 billion increased to $25.4 billion, an average annual growth rate of 6%; in Eastern Europe will from $20.5 billion increased to $25.4 billion, an average annual growth rate of 6%; Africa / Middle East will from 48.25 billion increase to 76.9 billion, an average annual growth rate was 9.8%. Related information: Water treatment chemicals, water treatment chemicals, mainly refers to the industrial water treatment chemicals, including cooling water, boiler water, sewage, oil field water used for industrial water treatment, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, agent, bactericide, slime stripping agent, fire foam agents, flocculating agents, deoxidizer, sludge conditioning, chelating agent etc. dispersed. Water and wastewater treatment coagulant and flocculant used in water treatment chemicals are also included in the. In addition, activated carbon and ion exchange resin is an important water treatment chemicals. The statistics in foreign countries, the water treatment agent comprises the following three categories of products: 1 common chemicals General: refers to the original chemicals for water treatment of inorganic chemical products, such as aluminum sulfate. 2 special chemicals Special chemicals including: activated carbon, ion exchange resin and organic polymer flocculants (such as polyacrylamide, poly amine and polydadmac) etc.. 3 chemical formula Chemical formula: including corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, bactericide and combustion additives.
Water treatment agent is a general term for a class of water treatment chemicals, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, transportation, light industry, textile and other industrial sectors. Water treatment agent include corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, flocculants, cleaning agents, cleaning agents, pre-film and the like. In practical applications, often using complex formulas water treatment agent, or a combination of application types of water treatment agent. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention due to improper compounding to produce antagonism between the components, so that the effect of reduction or loss, but also to take advantage of synergies (when synergies arising from the coexistence of several pesticides) and efficiency. In addition, most of the water treatment system is an open system, there will be some emissions when used to consider the impact of various types of water treatment chemicals to the environment. Common treatment agents are: flocculants, seven water ferrous sulfate, polymeric iron salt, calcium hydroxide, ferric chloride hexahydrate, biocide, chlorine dioxide, corrosion inhibitor, polyacrylamide, aluminum chloride, ferric chloride, ferrous sulfate. Water treatment agent is the current water industry, one of pollution control and water conservation and reuse process engineering technology most widely used, the largest amount of special products, including flocculants, scale dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, biocide agent, mainly used to remove suspended solids in water and toxic substances to control scale, the formation of sludge, reducing water contact materials corrosion, deodorant sterilization, bleaching, softening, stable water quality and sea water.


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